“… Who knows what freedom is? No one. I often think that we mountaineers get nearest to it ….

Reinhold Messner

What is the Mountain for you? What is hiking, climbing, biking, skiing to you?

For us, the MOUNTAIN is – no matter how you choose to approach it (in summer or winter, riding a bike, hiking, on skis or climbing) – :

  • the landscape we just don’t get enough,
  • the arena where we challenge ourselves,
  • it is the way we learn geography,
  • it is the risky environment we are sometimes afraid of and the maker of the will,
  • it forges both our social and personal experience.

Mountain is, first of all, passion. And, like all passions, it continuously transform ourselves into something better, or so we would like to believe.

Alpine Adventure Romania is an invitation to you to discover probably the most unknown outdoor gem of Europe. Alpine Adventure Romania is not about us…IT IS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR EXPERIENCES.

Valea lui Stan 2


Consider what you want to do in relation to what you are capable of doing. Climbing is after all a matter of integrity.”

Gaston Rebuffat

We fully adhere to the standards set in the International Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standard, and we endorsed them by officially signing the guide.

Check the Guide here.

Complementary, we list below the professional standards we consider paramount for our business:

We always do our best that each tour is at top quality for each participant.


  • A high ratio between the number of the participants and the number of guides, based on the difficulty of the route, is paramount for the quality of our tours. Our tours are adventure guided tours and we take this very seriously. We put quality way before quantity.
  • Constant communication is the key. So we openly and transparently communicate with you before, during and after the tour. We expect you to repay us in kind.
  • We actively support you to test your limits but at the same time we do not force anybody beyond what is feasible, reasonable and acceptable.
  • We do our best that at any given time and place of the route you will fill relaxed, confident and focused only on enjoying the tour and the mountain.
  • A great relaxed mood within the group is very important for us and the human touch of each participant makes more of each experience. At least for us.

We do our best for your safety


We cannot fully remove the risks on a mountain tour. No matter the route, there will always be some risks, small ones or big ones, but we can and must minimize them as much as possible. So:

  • We always start a route fully prepared. The equipment, weather, the route, the exit points, duration and effort, all these are elements whose careful consideration will allow us to reach our objective and most important, in a safe way.
  • While on route, we continuously assess the weather, the conditions on the route, the health, fitness and will of each participant and take decisions accordingly, including returning if necessary. We encourage every participant to make his/her own evaluation and inform us right away about any problems and difficulties.
  • We do not enter a route without the emergency kit in our backpack.
  • We use, when is necessary the safety equipment (ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc.).
  • While on mountain we are professionals and both the safety of the individual and of the group are paramount. Our decisions take into consideration both of these.

We are humans on the mountains


  • We fully respect the mountain and we are always trying to leave behind us as possible. We want the routes kept clean.
  • We fully respect the right of every person to be on the mountain and enjoy the mountain.
  • In case of an accident happens to a person from a different group, our objectives become secondary and in any situation the first aid will matter the most.


Felix, Oana and Nicu



  • Born 1976Felix Stanculet guiding license
  • Married / One child of 7 years
  • Background: IT bachelor degree, Owner of a small retail OVC shop
  • Mountain Guide – License No 5401

It all started with week-ends with friends on the mountains having fun in the mountain huts. Then the friends started to have families, less time and less interest in the peaks we saw from the huts. In the end only a few of us remained to hike the paths. But for these ones as for myself, the mountain was for life. And I am enjoying it. You will to!


Nicusor Bobocea
Nicusor Bobocea
  • nicusor_bobocea_mountain_guide_licenceBorn 1979
  • Married / Two children aged 8 and 6
  • Background: History bachelor degree and an MA in International Relations; Dozens of management and IT consulting projects.
  • Mountain Guide – license No 5402

I started my first mountain route back in ’97 and since then I hiked, summer or winter, most of the Romanian Carpathians. Some years ago I decided to go professional. I took my exams, become a skier and a climber as well and here I am guiding on the mountains. I am the cautious guy of our team, always trying to think ahead and avoid risks. And I am also the photographer. I love landscape photography. The photos you see on the website are mostly mine. When I am not in the mountains I fill the time with military history and travel/ expedition readings.


  • Born 1982
  • Background: Economic bachelor degree and an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants diploma, Employee of BRD Group Societe Generale.

As a girl, I think I strike the right balance to the team and I am not the one to say no to an adventure. On the contrary! I studied hard to be an accountant but I guess it is more fun to account mountain peaks than for figures on a sheet. And I am little more organized than the boys from the team. If they forget to buy food, I won’t, if they do not put all the questions then I will. I am always glad to be helping someone.