1. Booking a Tour

Our tours can be booked for any day of the week. It is just a matter of availability. Yours in the first place and ours of course. You just specify when booking the exact period you consider for the tour and we will immediately contact you for fixing the dates.

All our tours are on demand tours and have no specific dates. They are options from where to choose and when you book a tour you also indicate your prefered period for it. Additionally, you may choose from our on demand tours listed on the website or you may actually fully customize your tour – Visit our Customize your tour page, for further detail.

You just need to go through the following steps:

  1. Browse our tours and choose the one you like most.
  2. Read carefully our Terms and Conditions (check them HERE). Once you book a tour they represent our Contract.
  3. Fill in the booking form. We will receive your data and preferences.
  4. Make an advance payment for reserving the tour as indicated in our Terms and Conditions.