The list of the highest peaks of Romania – over 2500 m

If you take a look at the map of, lets’ say Central and Eastern Europe searching for the highest peaks of every country you will notice that Romanian Carpathians are towards the bottom of the list if not the least highest mountains. But hey, more mountains for less height sounds like a good deal in any case.

14 peaks exceeding the height of 2500m are in Romania. We climb them all without supplementary oxygen, just like the 14 eight thousanders from Himalaya and Karakorum … just kidding.

Their list, from the highest to the lowest is the following:

Name of the Peak Altitude (m) Mountain
1 Moldoveanu 2544 Fagaras
2 Negoiu 2535 Fagaras
3 Vistea 2527 Fagaras
4 Parangul Mare 2519 Parang
5 Lespezi 2517 Fagaras
6 Cornul Caltunului 2510 Fagaras
7 Peleaga 2509 Retezat
8 Papusa 2508 Retezat
9 Omu 2507 Bucegi
10 Vanatarea lui Buteanu 2507 Fagaras
11 Hartopul Darei 2506 Fagaras
12 Bucura Dumbrava 2503 Bucegi
13 Dara 2501 Fagaras
14 Capul Morarului 2500 Bucegi

They belong to only 4 mountains out of 63 and, as the winner takes it all, Fagaras claims 8 out of the 14. It is easy to see then why anybody wants to go in Fagaras / Transylvanian Alps. These then make for the Roof of Romania.

But as you must know, beauty (natural or not J) is not necessarily a matter of height and we did not put eyes yet on an ugly mountain anywhere in this world. The difference between them is just a subjective floating degree of beauty.

Now, the photos:

  • Moldoveanu and Vistea (connected by a 1/30 minute ridge)


  • Negoiu – the highest in the middle of the photo


  • Parangul Mare – in the background, right side of the picture


  • Lespezi – there, in the clouds


  • Cornul Caltunului – on top of it


  • Peleaga

Picture 491

  • Papusa – the one in the center

Picture 146

  • Vanatarea lui Buteanu


  • Omu – right in the middle


  • Hartopul Darei si Dara


  • Bucura Dumbrava – the one on the right


  • Capul Morarului – on top of it