0. Services

An Extension Tour is a tour that you can add to a booked one. Thus, you can choose an Extension tour from our List of Extension Tours. Also, you may choose to glue together any two different tours from the website, meaning that you extend one with another.

Our tours fall into the following categories:

  1. Hiking Tours
  2. Mountain Biking Tours
  3. Climbing Tours (Sport Climbing and Multi-pitch climbing)
  4. Cross-Country Skiing
  5. Mixed Tours – tours that include more than one type of activity (for instance climbing and hiking).
  6. Extension Tours – tours that may be added to an existing main tour.
  7. Bucharest Day Tours

A tour categorized as mixed is a tour which includes more types of adventure activities. For instance, if a tour includes in its program both climbing and hiking, than this a mixed tour.

Beside Guided Tours, we can help you planning your own non-guided tour.

Thus, we offer outdoor itineraries a a service. We fully plan your route. Check HERE how it happens.

Yes we do. As we are an adventure outdoor company, our Bucharest tours are, as well, more active. You may find them in the Bucharest Tours Category.