1 day
January – December

Bucharest has a rich layered and spread-out history. Its historical landmarks are not crowded in one single area as usual but they are spread around the city.  And they bounce back to you not only Bucharest’s history but Romania’s history as well. It is not easy to follow a straight line through its history and that is fully showed by its landmarks:

  • Your eyes will linger on medieval headquarters surrounded by inter-wars buildings and communist block of flats –three ages merged into one.
  • You will walk over the square sided by two of the most important monuments and moments of Romania’s history: the Royal Palace, reminding of tough World War Two times and the building from where Ceausescu made his last flight.
  • You will follow the beautiful lines of the paintings of the late medieval orthodox churches, right in the heart of the modern entertainment area of Bucharest.
  • You will meet the two 150 year distant and yet so close neighbors: the huge House of the People built by the maniac Ceausescu and the beautiful buildings of the Church headquarters where Romania step for the independence in the troubled times of the Crimean War.

And a lot more!

How to disentangle it and make it understandable? Well, putting in its European context might help. Walking by a plan would also help. Taking a break from walking and having a history lesson and discussion may do as well.

Why do not you try it?!

STARTING TIME watch 9.00
FINISH TIME watch 17.30
Estimated duration  watcharound 8.30 hours
Individual equipment needed
  • Comfortable sport garments
INCLUDED  Transport by underground

 Snacks and cold drinks


Discount policy wallet For group bookings we apply a discount based on the number of the participants. Please book the tour and/or contact us to negotiate the discount.

Day 1

Departure: 9.00

End of tour: 17.30

Meeting point – Unirii Square, Hanul lui Manuc.

Be prepared to walk. Casual dress and comfortable shoes are recommended.