1 day
Easy, Moderate, Difficult
Piatra Craiului
January – December

P1050320One of the best ways for a special day in the outdoors is to try some sport climbing routes on the local crags in the mountains. You get both the benefits of the sport moves and of the views.

It does not matter if you never put your hands and your feet on the rock before or if you are an addicted of this sport already. The crags we know match all levels of skills and confidence. You may want to come to learn the sport as a beginner or to practice it using a top rope for more confidence or you may want to lead some climbs in Carpathians; the most important thing is to enjoy the climb.

Also, you do not need to worry about the equipment. Maybe you just had not plan for a climbing day but nevertheless you want to do it. We have it all: ropes, harnesses, belay devices, climbing shoes, etc. You just need to come and climb.

ARRIVAL TIME watch 21.00
Estimated duration of sport climbing watcharound 8 hours
Individual equipment needed
  • backpack -20 l
  • mountain boots or shoes
  • climbing shoes
  • hat
  • mountain jacket
  • long mountain trousers (short trousers will help in the summer months)
  • sunglasses
  • polartek blouse or something similar
  • synthetic t-shirt
  • water recipient
  • sun protection lotion
Accommodation houseIt is not the case. It is a one day tour. We will be returning at the end of the day.
Meals mealWe will eat dinner at a restaurant on the return way but some sandwiches and a couple of chocolate bars and/or biscuits will help.
INCLUDED   Transport from and to Bucharest by car


  Professional Mountain Guide

  All climbing equipment, except climbing shoes which may be rented

NOT INCLUDED   Other meals

  Pieces of individual equipment


  Climbing shoes – may be rented

Discount policy wallet For group bookings we apply a discount based on the number of the participants. Please book the tour and/or contact us to negotiate the discount.

Other good to know issues: 

  • There are lots of places where we might go for sport climbing. We can go even to Bulgaria if you want to. So, you can choose, if you want, from several available crag options.
  • If you are a beginner we will learn you the basics of sport climbing and let you have the fun of it. If you are advanced already you can do the routes of you choosing.

Day 1

We depart from Bucharest as early as possible, 6.30 preferably, so as to make of the day as much as possible. Based on the chosen crag destination, we expect to arrive there in 2 to 3 hours.

Depending on the positioning of the crag, we might have to walk a little for reaching it. Arriving at the bottom of the route we start preparing ourselves for climbing: uncoiling the ropes, putting on harnesses, preparing the routes for top roping, etc.

If you are a beginner we will start by explaining to you the equipment and its correct use, as well as what the sport climbing is about. No matter the level of your rock climbing skills, the point is for you to climb and us to belay you so as to stay fun.

We end the climbing session when you feel like ending it or there is no more daylight to see the anchors in the wall.

On the way back we will stop for a fully deserved dinner. We estimate to arrive in Bucharest by 21.00, depending on the traffic and the exact hour of leaving the crag.