7 days
May – October

IMGP3680Fagaras is the biggest, highest and probably most sought mountain massif in Romania in the summer months, while in winter it becomes a challenge. The range it is not called for nothing the Transylvanian Alps.

This tour is one of superlatives and of personal endurance. This tour is about pure unspoiled joy and satisfaction and hardship. That’s because this tour is about going along almost the whole ridge of Fagaras with full summer camping gear – and the ridge has 80 km in straight airplane line – passing by ridges, peaks, glacial lakes. But of course, this is the biggest mountain range in Romania, so we won’t go straight most of the time and that is the beauty of it.

So, imagine yourself:

  • Standing atop the three highest peaks of Romania (Moldoveanu (2544m), Negoiu (2535m) and Vistea (2527) and enjoying the perfect vistas;
  • Practically having, for most of the time, Transylvania at your feet. Well, actually well below your feet;
  • Passing chimneys, ridges, exposed trails, jagged peaks;
  • Camping on the banks of some of the most beautiful glacial lakes of Carpathians at over 2000m;
  • Seeing at work the old pastoralist ways: the shepherds’ houses, the flocks of sheep, etc.

This tour is not just about mountains. It is also about you and your journey. The Fagaras ridge is always an achievement to remember.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bucharest or Sibiu / Bucharest
DEPARTURE TIME watch 6.00 in Bucharest or 11.00 in Sibiu
ARRIVAL TIME watch 12.00 in Bucharest
Estimated duration of hike watcharound 8 hours a day
Maximum height mountain 2544 m
Elevation gained chart about 1200 m each day
Individual equipment needed
  • backpack -70 l
  • mountain boots or shoes
  • hat
  • thin gloves
  • mountain jacket
  • long mountain trousers (short trousers will help in the summer months)
  • sunglasses
  • polartek blouse or something similar
  • synthetic t-shirt
  • trekking sticks
  • headlamp torch
  • water recipient
  • sleeping bag -5
  • tent (depending on the number of participants)
  • stove and bowl
  • sun protection lotion

If you are missing parts of the equipment like tent or sleeping bag, we will get them for you

Accommodation houseWe will accommodate ourselves during the first nigh in Sibiu. Then we will be camping for quite a while. The last night we will spend it in the lovely small town of Campulung.
Meals mealThe first day we will have lunch and dinner in Sibiu and the last one in Campulung. At some point on the route, we will eat at a cabin. For all the other days, we need to carry our food, which, of course must weight as little as possible.
INCLUDED   Transport from and to Bucharest by car

  2 Dinners, Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, camping food.

  2 nights’ accommodation

  Entrance fees to museums

  Professional Mountain Guide

NOT INCLUDED   Other meals

  Pieces of individual equipment

Discount policy wallet For group bookings we apply a discount based on the number of the participants. Please book the tour and/or contact us to negotiate the discount.

Other good to know issues:

  • Water could be a problem along the route so carry an adequate number of water bottles.
  • During summer months the heat may be a problem so having a hat and lotion protection against sun is mandatory.
  • The tour can be booked as well for fewer days and of course less of the ridge.
  • On such a long tour, you simply cannot skip some bad weather parts, like thick fog or maybe rain, but this is part and the fun of climbing mountains.



Day 1

We depart from Bucharest at 6.00 in the morning and head, by car, towards Sibiu, passing by the beautiful Valley of river Olt (Alutus by its old Roman name). We will reach Sibiu by 11.00.

Our first worry is to make last minute preparation for the tour (shopping for food, for equipment, etc.). This being done, we can enjoy Sibiu, a former cultural capital of Europe back in 2007. Our objectives or choice are the Museum of Village – a must see for the old houses which were build en purpose for preservation, and the old town of Sibiu, a wonderful Saxon imprint.


Day 2

We get up early, have breakfast and by 9.00 the latest we board the car which will take us to Avrig and then to Poiana Neamtului cabin, from where our tour will start. After three heavy hours through the woods, we will reach Barcaciu cabin. Fagaras Mountains open up from here. We start to have glimpses of what beauties are in store for us.

After having a fast lunch at the cabin, we aim for our target of the day, the beautiful glacial lake of Avrig. After other three hours we finally are on the ridge trail, just by the side of the lake and under the impressive wall of Ciortea Peak.

We start unpacking because this will be the spot where we will camp for the night.


Day 3

This is the first day on the ridge trail. And it will be a long and arduous one, prepare yourself for about ten hours, but it will take us through one of the most beautiful and rockiest sections of the route. We start as early as possible in the morning and head towards the first peak we will climb during the day – Scara (2308m).

Passing along two other peaks using a broad trail we reach the peak of Serbota. From here its starts maybe the most challenging ridge section of the Fagaras ranges. We will go along an exposed ridge called Custura Saratii, while making use of the permanent cables put into places for passing the most difficult passages.

We continue on a steep slope until we reach the second highest peak of Romania, Negoiu (2535m). At this point we should be breathless both because of the effort and of the view, the last one being simply spectacular in all directions.

We will descend by a spectacular chimney towards the second glacial lake that we will meet on the ridge trail. This is the lake of Caltun just below the peak with the same name and we are going to camp here.


Day 4

After the labor of the previous day, this is a shorter day, although just as satisfactory. We just keep the trail ridge on peak after peak and enjoy each one. Towards the end of the days’ journey, we will be just above the “most beautiful road in the world”, as it was described by the Top Gear TV show, and watch the small dots representing the cars as they try to keep on the road on its tight bends.

Climbing the Capra peak we can see our camping place, next to one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in Romania – lake Capra. We raise our tents by the lake and then, without backpack (what a relief it would be!) we descend to Balea lake and cabin to have a good hot meal fully deserved. Of course, this will mean climbing up again with full bellies.


Day 5

Passing the Transfagaras road the other day may be considered as a milestone. We are now in the Eastern section of the trail ridge which keeps impressing us, and we are aiming for the highest peak of Romania, Moldoveanu (2544m). But it will not be this day.

We have to go an exposed ridge section which, just to make us have second thoughts, is called “Three steps from death”. But, do not worry, we are not that close.

We will camp at Podragu cabin, where several beautiful lakes span the landscape.


Day 6

Now we really are going up the highest peak of Romania. The narrow ridge trail ridge will take us to the foot of the massive trapeze formed by the first and third highest peaks of Romania, Moldoveanu and Vistea. The climb to Vistea is strenuous but the ending is exhilarating. Here we stand, on the roof of Romania! If we would have a can a beer with us we would drink it for sure. Surely we worth it!

We head down to another glacial lake towards South, where we will raise the tents. It will be the last time and this will be probably the quietest place we will camp during the whole journey.


Day 7

Early morning we descend the beautiful “Bad Valley”. After three hours a car will pick us up on a unpaved road which goes for 40km. By afternoon we will be in the lovely city of Campulung.

The Fagaras journey is over, but what a Journey it was! We will miss for sure the ridges, the views, the camps and the evening discussions outside the tents.

We will accommodate in Campulung for the day. By the way, Campulung is one of the oldest capital cities of the medieval Romania and we will have time to see it.

In the evening we will celebrate.


Day 8

Early morning we head for Bucharest where we will be in three hours.