1 day
January – December

Like every great city, Bucharest has its own sins. But they all tell haunting beautiful stories: stories about the city, stories about the people who made them be and the people who forgot them, stories about us.

This tour is about places and landmarks of Bucharest which should have been something else but ended differently, sometimes spectacularly so.  They do not fit into their surroundings, they are not amongst Bucharest main touristic traffic, they are ODD, but they are nevertheless beautiful.

Let’s pay them a visit:

  • The “in the middle of nowhere” orthodox church of Chiajna, built in late eighteen century, whose high grassy walls were climbers’ training ground.
  • The island of Mill’s dam Lake (Lacul Morii), an area which was aimed to entertain Bucharest’s citizens in their leisure time during the communist era, now destitute.
  • The monument of communism of Russian communist architectural inspiration, intended as a museum of the party but now a huge weird red building in one of Bucharest lovely parks, what irony, after Romania’s first king.
  • The Vacaresti lake probably has the most unbelievable story of all: built as the second large dam lake of Bucharest with an entire neighborhood raised to the ground to make room for it, it never got filled with water. Now guess what: the nature fought back and the place is on the verge of becoming a unique natural reservation, right in the city, with birds, foxes, etc.
STARTING TIME watch 9.00
FINISH TIME watch 17.30
Estimated duration  watcharound 8.30 hours
Individual equipment needed
  • Comfortable sport garments
INCLUDED  Transport by underground

 Snacks and cold drinks


Discount policy wallet For group bookings we apply a discount based on the number of the participants. Please book the tour and/or contact us to negotiate the discount.

Day 1

Departure: 9.00

End of tour: 17.30

Meeting point – Unirii Square, Hanul lui Manuc.

Practically during this tour you visit all the four places and learn their story. We start with the Climber’s Church, continue with the huge Lacul Morii and its leisure island and then reach Carol park and its communist building.

We stop then for a lunch in the park or close to the park. After that we head for the natural reservation site.

Be prepared to walk. Casual dress and comfortable shoes are recommended.